Imagem capa - WELCOME ! por Galeria MoriSarti


Hello everybody!

My name is MoriSarti and it is with big pleasure that this week I will launch my website.

It took some years to finally decide to chose a online gallery to express myself and my ideas. The hesitation was due to the multiple possibilities to unveil my art but precisely the shyness, the global relationships I have and the growth of virtual environment to art consumers were decisive to the choice I’ve made.

I need to excuse myself to my non English speaking spectators. In fact, I’ve chosen English language as standard language to my texts because it’s worldwide accepted in international relationships and more practical  to comunicate. I will use other languages only for specific issues of the related country or to express deeply about myself in my mother language.

Hope you enjoy it! And I hope also to have enough discipline, tenderness and patience to write regularly here! Feel free to interact with me!


São Paulo, august 2020