Imagem capa - Point of no return por Galeria MoriSarti

Point of no return

As long as we live choices must be done and, whenever this point of no return is achieved, the normal course of life becomes a sacrifice to some. To choose is to be wise to give up part of your freedom.

Yesterday I had a really great conversation with my friend Diogo H. . It was these events in life when someone crosses your way to help you clear the path you’re in. 

We talked about a lot of subjects linked to my art. I’ve always asked my friends about the main particularities of my paintings, generally playing with the psychological game of the three qualities. But I had never had a real feedback on what’s the general and genuine impression of the public when staring at the different categories of paintings I work on. What emotions I provoke in people’s mind ?

This dialogue with the public is capital to me in the terms of helping me out to discover my inner persona. But define the “main yourself” means to give up some part of you eventually. This makes yet more sense especially when you’re very prolific.

The consensus is that a particular mix of colors, restrained sensuality, visceral mouvements and a certain elegant mystery define my visual language. By consequence, my spirituality. I’m such honoured to feel that!