The Artist

Born in São Paulo State, Brazil, the Italian/Brazilian painter MoriSarti has multiple cultural influences based on his roots: half Japanese and half Italian.

He has participated in several national and international exhibitions, including two exhibitions in Sancerre (France), two in Orenburg (Russia) and one in Varberg (Sweden).

His artistic style is recognized as an maximalist blend of mystical symbols and classical elements of human reality to understand the universe and its rules.

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1979 – Birth on 6th november in the city of São Bernardo do Campo, in the industrialized metropolitan area of São Paulo, Brazil. Childhood and Youth in the neighboor city of Santo André (Brazil).

1993 – 1994 – Drawing and painting private lessons at the art school Uniart in the city of Santo André with the Professor Luis Carlos Bagno from the FAAP Fine Arts school (Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado).

2003 – Graduated in Law School at the University of São Paulo, the most prestigious in Brazil. Researcher in intellectual property law and dissertation on the theme “MP3 and author’s rights”.

2013 – PhD degree at the University of Toulouse in Private Law, Intellectual Property and Competition Law.

2014 – First collective exhibition in the private Project show Fact Ink in the Nightclub Alberta#3 in São Paulo (Brazil). Paintings exhibited sold and sent to a private collector in New York city (United States).

2016 – First individual exhibition in a private property in the village of Sancerre (France) with the theme “Sancerre et ses environs au fil des saisons” (Sancerre and its surroundings over the seasons).

2017 – Individual exhibition in the Buranlure Castle (France) inside the cultural project Festival Format-raisins of classical music, with the theme “Des paysages sancerrois aux émotions : la réalité du Berry inspirant l’art abstrait” (From the Sancerre landscapes to the emotions: the reality of the Berry inspiring the abstract art).

2017 – Individual exhibition in the OMIZO - Orenburg Regional Museum of Fine Arts (Russian Federation), with the theme “Scenes of Anagogy: an interpretation of reaity”. First two paintings acquired by a public institution.

2017 – 2018 – Art exhibitions of the featured “Scenes of anagogy” in the departamental museums of the Orenburg Region, art schools, art center for children and Young people.

2018 – Became Italian Citizen

2018 – The sociocultural Art Therapy Project to help patients access the culture “The Landscapes” at The Hospital of Orenburg for war veterans in Orenburg (Russian Federation).

2020 – Collective exhibition “Textiles and Abstractions” at the Formlokalen Gallery in Varberg, Sweden, with Tyken Design (designer Anyka Tykesson)

2020 – Became Member of the Sindicato Nacional dos Artistas Plásticos e do Estado de São Paulo/Association International des Arts Plastiques – SINAP-ESP/AIAP, the National painters guild.

2020 – Collective exhibition X Salão Internacional de Arte SINAP/AIAP at Anchieta Palace - the São Paulo City Council.

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